The Music of the 21st Century!


Peta Gals - based on a real CBC documentary! Bravo CBC for showing everything!

Video version of peta gals! Here! 

Taking the Plunge - a song about falling things. (posted March 07) A more elaborate (yawn) explanation of the origins of the song can be found here.

Land of the Free - The U.S.-of-Americans don't write nearly enough songs about themselves, so I thought I'd help them out with this one: the view from the North. (posted Oct 06)

S-A-V-E-D (New April 06. This is actually an old Revival song. I felt it needed an update. The original author (Anon. Trad.) obviously walked a path so straight and narrow that he was probably the only one on it. Hell was clearly the fate of those who wore their hair B-O-B-E-D (sic) or drank P-O-P. I start with my favorite stanza from the original, and take off from there.

the land beyond the terre (My Family, take em or leave em. Any resemblance to folks living or dead is somewhat twisted.)

we are gaia's children (An Anthem - environmentalism for the non-nature lover)

the girl in the very tight hat   (A favorite of Margaret Atwood! If I can prevent one pointless boob-job with this song, then my life has been worthwhile!)

riding the iceberg (A living will of sorts. But one must be cautious; with every hangover, I'm asked... "Time for the Iceberg?")

One Kiss From Me (Brand New Aug 2005: A James Bond Fantasy? Arrogant Silliness? or just the euphoria of a succesful trip to the Dentist?)