(Note: a lot of the photos on these pages were taken by Margaret Griffin. She also posts lots of great photos on Moblog under the name Factotum. I also recommend the photos of my friend, the mysterious artist know only as Swamprose.

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Summer Fun 2006


 From Summer to Winter, without any Autumn! (including the World's most amazing Rock!)


 My 60th Birthday


 Hammet the Dog; Syracuse the Film Festival



 TGIGF 2005: the annual bash

Robbie Burns Day 2005, Snowman, Milton the Guinea Pig, Building the Porch, Chris's Corn Roast, Cape Cod, Tearing up the Animation Desk, Meg's Big Rock.

 Drag Races, Never Surrender, Roz's Strawberry Social, Paul's BBq, and TGIGF 2004